Window Tinting Solutions for Government OfficesAt Kentuckiana Window Tinting, we specialize in equipping government offices with cost-effective and efficient window tinting solutions. Our services are designed to address a range of needs including energy bill reduction, enhanced security, UV protection, privacy, and anti-graffiti measures for various surfaces like glass, mirrors, and metals. Our approach is centered around providing solutions that not only solve current problems but also preemptively address potential issues.

Risk-Free Consultations for Customized Window Tinting Solutions

Understanding the unique needs of government facilities, we offer a risk-free window tinting consultation to ensure that our solutions align with your specific requirements. By utilizing ASWF and Hanita Window Films, we are equipped to tackle challenges such as heat and glare control, security enhancements, and the prevention of interior fading in valuable assets like wood floors, carpets, furniture, and artwork. Our goal is to provide government offices with window tinting options that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, while delivering on safety and energy efficiency.

solutions for government offices

Security and Safety

Security window films are a great addition to any existing security system. They will make a window many times more shatter resistant and hold the glass safely in the window frame if someone does attempt to smash the window. Security films can thwart a burglar or even protect staff and guests from the dangers of flying glass shrapnel in the unfortunate event of an explosion or bomb blast.

Cost Savings
Window film can be especially beneficial to older government buildings with single paned windows. Certain kinds of window films have been proven to be as energy efficient as installing a new double paned window at only a small fraction of the cost. These same films provide a 99 percent UV block, which will prevent interiors from fading, also saving money on replacement furnishings over time.


Keep government buildings looking clean and professional with anti-graffiti window films. These films protect the surface from various forms of vandalism and graffiti, including paint, etching with a sharp instrument such as a screwdriver or knife, and even acid etching. If the film is damaged, it can be professionally removed and a fresh film added, for a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass or mirrored surface.

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